Nefertiti's Quest : Slots

Nefertiti's Quest is an original mobile game that ally gambling feelings with puzzle game strategy for an unique gaming experience. Explore the mythical Egyptian pyramids in a treasure hunt against the clock. Go deep and deeper in these archaeological remains, but be careful, Pharaohs knew how to protect their tombstone !

Nefertiti's Quest is free to play. Instead of a long single shot, we offer you fast paced games against the clock where your goal is to collect as much treasures as possible to access high-scores. Once one game is over, you'll be able to play again with your starting resources and so on.

From time to time, you'll be able to 'lock' one or more symbols. This is one of the main strategic element of the game, as it will help you matching up symbols. This result in different effects from scoring points to gaining time, unlocking hidden symbols or activating bonus games. There is also trapped symbols that you'll have to evade matching up!

You'll have the opportunity to win (or purchase) diamonds during the game. Theses diamonds will be automatically used to fill up the Horus offering bar. Horus is a powerful Egyptian divinity, filling up the offering bar will give you access to his blessings for some games. There are 3 blessings to enable.

Complete daily challenges and keep stacking up bonuses to help you during your journey!

Doodah Productions